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Knowledge + Connections + Results = Accelerated Growth

"When I founded Betfair, there was no collaboration and support group like Entrepreneurs World, and I think it is really important that we share more of our successes and failures with like-minded people because that is the way we all learn."
Edward Wray, Chairman of Betfair plc and Patron of Entrepreneurs World

Accelerated Growth: get your business where you want it to be faster, while making the journey more effectively, sustainably and with less pain.

Peer to Peer Collaboration: an abundance of opportunities for you to explore - the joy of engaging dialogue and challenging conventional paradigms; originating sales and investments; creating new businesses; turning ideas into results.

Eureka: become market leader in your niche; take responsibility to implement the strategies and utilisethe tools you are given every day, which will lead you to accelerated growth.

Helix: cut short the steep learning curve you go through, when you are looking to raise development capital, acquire or sell a business; learn from people who have been there and done it successfully; prepare yourself for a challenging and enjoyable journey, which will guarantee you optimise the value of your business.

Entrepreneurial Leadership: empower your team to get your business where you want it to be; it's about the people you lead, rather than the person who is leading; situational leadership, where you ? and your team - step forward and back as required to achieve the optimum result.

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